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Central Massachusetts Faces Increasing Threat from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Rocky Mountain Spotted fever (RMSF) is so far not as common in Massachusetts as Lyme disease. This can make it extra dangerous as physicians and patients do not readily know the risks, signs, and symptoms. Usually, RMSF is spread by … Continue reading

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A Rare & Dangerous Tick Disease is Present in Massachusetts’ Ticks

As if we didn’t have enough worries about ticks in Massachusetts with Lyme disease reaching epidemic proportion in the area, we now have more cause for concern about ticks. The Powassan Virus is a rare but dangerous tick-borne disease that … Continue reading

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Central Mass Deer Ticks, Deer Ticks & More Deer Ticks: But Lyme is Not the Only Concern

Lyme disease is at epidemic proportions in Massachusetts, but there are other dangers lurking within the bite of a deer tick. We’ve briefly mentioned some rare but dangerous tick-borne diseases, giving more attention to some than others. It has come … Continue reading

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New Findings For Lyme Disease Symptoms, Treatment and Long-term Effects Give Validation to Long Time Sufferers

A visiting physician to Martha’s Vineyard shared her findings of Lyme Disease, diagnosis, treatment and its effect to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital physicians and members of the public. As research is conducted and results are studied, the doctor’s doing the work … Continue reading

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Ticks Present Health Dangers To Humans and Animals that Go Well Beyond Lyme Disease in Central Massachusetts

As Lyme Disease gets more media attention and the public becomes more aware of it, it is important to know that there are other tick-borne diseases that have similar symptoms. These diseases can affect horses and dogs as well as … Continue reading

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Misdiagnosed As Alzheimer’s: Kris Kristofferson Suffers from Lyme Disease

We still have a long way to go in testing, diagnosing and treating Lyme disease and especially Chronic Lyme disease. A recently published Rolling Stones article about Kris Kristofferson reminds us of just that. The iconic songwriter, performer, and actor … Continue reading

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What If You Became Ill and Treatment was Available But Your Health Insurance Denied Coverage of that Treatment?

Imagine this: you become very ill, debilitating so. For a long time, no one knows what is wrong with you. Your doctor finally discovers it is Lyme disease, and it has progressed into chronic Lyme. Your life has been interrupted … Continue reading

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M.I.T. Biologist is Taking a New Approach in the Battle Against Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. This bacteria is most often spread to humans by deer ticks, but the deer ticks first have to become infected. Typically the deer ticks pick up Borrelia burgdorferi from White-footed … Continue reading

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Hope in Central Massachusetts: The Land of Dangerous Tick-Borne Diseases

As tick control experts we often have the unfortunate job of informing the public about newly discovered or newly arrived dangerous tick-borne diseases. Babesiosis, which is transmitted to humans by deer ticks, was on that list in the last few … Continue reading

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Those are NOT Tick Eggs in Central Mass

 Informing the public about tick-borne diseases and tick behavior has become much easier and faster thanks to the popularity of social media. With the easy sharing of multiple media types, more people know the symptoms of Lyme and how … Continue reading

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