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Ticks are climbing out of my toilet in Central Mass

If you flush a tick down your toilet you can consider it gone. Dead? Not necessarily, but it is for all intents and purposes gone from your home for good. We have heard and read about people who wondered and/or … Continue reading

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How to Remove a Tick: Myths, Old Wives’ Tales and Central Mass Home Remedies Debunked

Have you ever taken a match to a tick that was biting you? What happened? With tick season upon us, are you prepared to deal with ticks should you have the unfortunate experience of having one latch on to you or … Continue reading

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Break the 2-year life cycle of ticks on your Central MA property

You might think the fall is the end of tick season and that you will soon be protected from tick bites with the approaching colder weather.  If so, you are partially correct.  Ticks will begin to go dormant in weather … Continue reading

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Three Easiest Tips For Getting Rid Of Ticks

The University of Rhode Island TickEncounter Resource Center is a great resource.  We wanted to share their top 3 easiest ones that anyone can do, no excuses. In a page titled, TickSmart ™ Tips for TickSafe Living!, 5 tips were … Continue reading

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