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A Rare & Dangerous Tick Disease is Present in Massachusetts’ Ticks

As if we didn’t have enough worries about ticks in Massachusetts with Lyme disease reaching epidemic proportion in the area, we now have more cause for concern about ticks. The Powassan Virus is a rare but dangerous tick-borne disease that … Continue reading

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If you live in Central Massachusetts, you should be aware of the tick-borne disease B. Miyamotoi

By now almost everyone has heard of Lyme Disease. With increased public knowledge of how you contract it, how to prevent it and what the symptoms of Lyme Disease are, we can lower everyone’s risk for getting it. While you … Continue reading

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Bourbon KY joins Lyme CT in the unfortunate name saking of a dangerous new tick-borne disease

We are in the business of tick protection and education. Public knowledge of ticks, what they do, where they live, the diseases they carry and how to protect yourself is vital to lowering the incidence of tick-borne illness. Sometimes a … Continue reading

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