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Little Girl Dies from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever… What Do We Need to Know?

Four-year-old Kenley Ratliff died in an Indianapolis Children’s hospital on June 4th. WFYI reports, the Plainfield, Indiana girl had been bitten by a tick on a recent camping trip and became sick with Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Doctors at the … Continue reading

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Central Massachusetts Faces Increasing Threat from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Rocky Mountain Spotted fever (RMSF) is so far not as common in Massachusetts as Lyme disease. This can make it extra dangerous as physicians and patients do not readily know the risks, signs, and symptoms. Usually, RMSF is spread by … Continue reading

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Preventing tick-borne disease saves lives and saves money

Often, when we think about the cost of Lyme Disease, we think about the cost of antibiotic treatments and the cost of doctor visits to get tested. We also know that the severe cases incur the cost of hospitalization. While … Continue reading

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