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Now Is The Time To Reduce Ticks In Your Yard Next Summer

You may think that ticks die off with cold weather in the winter.  A very cold winter means more ticks die off.  Many people still seem to have this notion but it’s not true.  Ticks become dormant in the winter … Continue reading

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Considering Lyme Disease And Its Human And Social Cost

When we consider the cost of a disease such as Lyme Disease, we usually think about the cost of treating the disease.  The cost of medical services, lab tests, diagnostic services, drug costs and the cost of rehabilitation services can … Continue reading

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Fire? Flush? Alcohol? How To Properly Dispose Of A Tick

Listening to people discuss their method for disposing of ticks can range from hilarious to frightening.  If you’ve heard these discussions, you may begin to ask yourself if others feel about ticks the same way they feel about werewolves or … Continue reading

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Our top 3 favorite educational videos from a one-to-watch source

If you are trying to read up on ticks here in Central Mass and Lyme Disease, you have your work cut out for you. There are hundreds of great resources. Follow this blog for regular, short informational posts about Lyme … Continue reading

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