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Is Your Tick Bite Infected? If You’re Concerned about Lyme Disease in Central Mass, Read More.

Not all ticks carry infections.  Many areas of the US don’t have a serious tick problem.  Unfortunately, Central MA is not one of them.  Ticks can carry more than one infection, which are often associated with the tick species.  Our … Continue reading

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State Senator Richard Ross Has First Hand Experience With Lyme Disease

Senator Richard Ross is working to make sure the residents of Central Massachusetts are staying informed and better protected from Lyme Disease.  As someone who contracted Lyme Disease himself, he knows how quickly the disease can be debilitating. Recent articles … Continue reading

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Think There Might Be Fewer Ticks In The Summer? Maybe We Just Don’t See Them…

You may think a harsh winter means fewer ticks in the summer.  Since ticks are small, they don’t look very hardy.  They can’t control their temperature, so a very cold winter as we had last season means fewer ticks, right?  … Continue reading

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Good news, Spring is finally Here! Bad news, So are blood hungry ticks

While checking my news feed I saw post from a woman in Westminster reporting that she removed over 60 ticks in just 8 hours of working in her back yard today. I have also had similar conversations with people in … Continue reading

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