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Why is it so Darn Difficult to Remove a Tick?

Living in Central Massachusetts, Tewksbury residents certainly know a thing or two about deer ticks. Tick populations are at epic proportions, making us experts in finding and removing ticks whether we like it or not. As we all know, deer … Continue reading

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Lyme Disease: It Can Happen to You. Is Massachusetts doing enough to protect our residents?

Here at Mosquito Squad of Central Mass, our job is to provide industry-leading protection and prevention for home properties and businesses. Part of prevention is education. In Central Massachusetts. The threat of Lyme disease is growing. Tick control and elimination … Continue reading

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What exactly is a tick “blood meal” and can all blood meals make you sick?

Ticks take their blood meal from their hosts such as animals, birds and us.  When ticks take their blood meal from a host, they may leave their host with debilitating infections.  Female ticks will take 3 such blood meals and … Continue reading

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