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True or False? Central Massachusetts Ticks Are Active in the Winter

As Fall has arrived, Central Massachusetts residents look forward to bidding adieu to the mosquitoes, gnats, flies and other insects that are one of the only downsides of summertime in the Bay State. One of the few exceptions to this … Continue reading

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Westford Tick Testing Discounted at UMass

At Mosquito Squad of Central Mass, we have often pointed to the importance of tick testing. Offered for a very reasonable $50 at UMass Amherst, tick testing is a great way to speed up the diagnosis should you become ill … Continue reading

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Central Mass Ticks. What do deer have to do with it?

When Massachusetts residents talk about the perils of tick-borne Lyme Disease, they often focus on deer being part of the problem. It’s true that ticks will gladly hitch a ride on the first deer they bump up against to get … Continue reading

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What exactly is a tick “blood meal” and can all blood meals make you sick?

Ticks take their blood meal from their hosts such as animals, birds and us.  When ticks take their blood meal from a host, they may leave their host with debilitating infections.  Female ticks will take 3 such blood meals and … Continue reading

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Public Alert: Do NOT wear your maxi skirt to that lawn party!

Warning: whatever you do, please do not wear your maxi skirt or maxi dress to a lawn party or any other party in a grassy area. A couple years ago, before maxi dresses were popular, my friend and I went … Continue reading

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Three Easiest Tips For Getting Rid Of Ticks

The University of Rhode Island TickEncounter Resource Center is a great resource.  We wanted to share their top 3 easiest ones that anyone can do, no excuses. In a page titled, TickSmart ™ Tips for TickSafe Living!, 5 tips were … Continue reading

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Don’t take it from us. Hear what our customers have to say about the tick control from Mosquito Squad of Central Mass

Prompt, courteous, polite and professional service. Fully explained the application process, and the nature and impact of the products that were applied. Always available the discuss and answer any questions. Overall, very pleased with the entire experience. So far (after … Continue reading

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